Westline Fencing & Materials LLC

Here for all your fencing needs

Chris Bireline, Alex Bireline, Steve Bireline

Westline Fencing & Materials is a full service fencing company that has been serving the farmers and producers of Iowa since opening in 2000.  At Westline we tear out old fence, repair fence, and also put new fence in.  Whether it is Barb Wire, Woven Wire, Hi-Tensile, Guardrail, Continuous Fence, or a Corral, we are able to do it all.  With two John Deere tractors with 12" hydraulic Shaver post pounders, we are able to put fence in all types of terrain and service all your fencing needs.

For 14 years, we at Westline Fencing & Materials, have been serving the farmers and producers in the state of Iowa.  We will continue to serve the producers and farmers for many years to come.  We are here for all your fencing needs!